Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More Plagiarism Approved by the Honesty Chairman

I can't get over how ridiculous Ohio University's leaders were to select a professor who is involved in allowing plagiarism as their Honesty Hearing Chairman.

In 2003, Dr. Ingram served as a thesis committee member for one of Dr. Alam's students. That student worked in Dr. Ingram's lab, but rather than writing all of his own thesis, the student decided to copy parts.

To illustrate my claim, I marked a few pages of the student's thesis. Compare those pages to the source of the student's copying. There are more examples of plagiarism in this thesis.

I think this thesis clearly shows that Dr. Alam and Dr. Ingram condone plagiarism. Did they really believe their student wrote with such expertise?


Anonymous said...

Here’s something from Professor Ingram’s web page that’s suitable for a Leno or Letterman monologue: “I am the chair of the Academic Honesty Hearing Committee, this is a committee set up by the Trustees to review allegations of academic misconduct against masters and doctoral graduates. Through this I have become an expert on plagiarism…”

What a laughingstock this school is.

Anonymous said...

I thought a doctoral degree was earned because of scholarly research by the author of their original approach or interpretation of researched material. How can this happen where there is no original thought or appropriately documented research?