Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Education Doctoral Graduate Continues to Plagiarize

In a previous post, I showed that a 2007 doctoral graduate of Ohio University's College of Education plagiarized in his doctoral dissertation. Now I want to show you that this graduate has continued to cheat after leaving Ohio University.

In 2007 Ohio University graduate, Dr. Mansour Aldojan, published a paper titled "Regardless of how innovative the faculty may be: Addressing Faculty Concerns and Differences about Adoption of New Technologies" in the Proceedings of World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications 2007.

The paper contains extensive plagiarism some of which I have highlighted here. Three of the sources he copied can be viewed here, here, and here. There is additional copying in the paper, but I did not take the time to mark every last bit.

Dr. Aldojan obtained a doctoral degree from Ohio University and he does not even know how to write a paper. Will Ohio University revoke his degree? Will his advisor be held accountable? Will his current employer be advised of his lack of qualifications? Will The World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications be notified that they published a paper containing extensive plagiarism? How many more Ohio University Education graduates do not know how to write?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Distinguished Professor and Student Plagiarize Together

In 2004, Dr. Maliski, Dr. Kalinowski, and Dr. Dobrucki published an article in Circulation magazine. But rather than writing all of their publication they copied from a 2001 article published in Free Radical Biology and Medicine.

To show you I have highlighted the plagiarized text here. The source of the copied text can be viewed here. In comparing the two publications, it is interesting to note that the true authors acted professionally when they properly cited their sources, but when the Malinski et. al. team copied the text they removed all the citations.

It will be interesting to see if Ohio University leaders take any action against Dr. Malinski and Dr. Dobrucki. Will they revoke Dr. Dobrucki's doctoral degree? Will they strip Dr. Malinski of his distinguished professor title? Will they contact Circulation Magazine to inform them that they published copied text? Will an expert be called in to verify the legitimacy of the entire article? Will they check all of the work approved by Dr. Malinski? Will anyone apologize to the scholars whose work was stolen?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Another Distinguished Professor Approves Plagiarism

In November 2004, about 5 months after Dr. Alam began to unfairly stonewall me on my master's thesis, Distinguished Professor Dr. Tadeusz Malinski approved a chemistry doctoral dissertation that contains pages of blatant plagiarism. To show you, I have highlighted pages of plagiarized text from the dissertation. The text highlighted in blue is copied from this source, and the text highlighted in green is copied from this source.

There are some very important questions that arise from this dissertation.

How will Ohio University's College of Arts and Sciences deal with this cheating student? The student clearly shows an intent to deceive the reader by making the subtle change of switching the word "we" to "I" (see page 22) or failing to include the copied sources in her reference list. It is also important to recognize that the student avoided performing literary research on her subject by copying many of her citations from others. In other words, the multitude of citations and associated references make it appear like she went to the library and read numerous papers on her subject when in reality, she was able to build a lengthy reference list without ever obtaining, reading or analyzing those references. This person clearly does not deserve the title: Doctor of Philosophy.

How will Ohio University deal with the professor who awarded a doctoral degree to a student who cheated to meet her degree requirements? I seriously doubt that Dr. Malinski and the other professors on the doctoral committee believed that their student wrote with such expertise. I believe that either they did not read the dissertation or they did not care that she copied. Either way, the approving professors are in violation of the Ohio University Faculty Handbook Statement on Professional Ethics.

Will President McDavis, and the other distinguished professors strip Dr. Malinski of his distinguished professor title like they did to Dr. Gunasekera?