Monday, March 7, 2011

Ohio University settles with Dr. Gunasekera

It looks like OU decided to cut their losses by settling with Dr. Jay before the start of the upcoming jury trial to determine damages caused by Dean Irwin and Provost Krendl. In the Agreed Judgement Entry that was posted today, the judge orders dismissal of Jay's case upon payment of $150,739.00 by OU to Dr. Jay. See: Agreed Judgement Entry.

After subtracting the attorney's fees and costs, there is $32,500 left for Dr. Jay.

That's not too bad, but I suspect that victory itself is more important to Dr. Jay than the award. Dr. Jay has exposed Dean Irwin for what he really is: an arrogant bully. I experienced it myself when he threatened me with court action back in September 2004 for offering information about plagiarism. His ploy worked for awhile (over a year later he told Doug Lederman of that "[Matrka] has not offered to provide other examples" ), but his shady character has caught up with him and he has cost OU dearly.


Brian Manhire said...

OU, professor settle plagiarism lawsuit

Plagiaristas said...
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